Beginners in golf aim to be a help for those who start the game of golf. In Beginners of golf, we facilitate the approach to a beautiful, relaxing, and fun sport. It also has a regulation that is unknown to the majority and a disconcerting language to the profane.

We all know that golf is played with clubs, but what golf clubs to buy? What investment should I make? In Beginners of golf, we will advise you about when, how, and which golf clubs to buy.

One essential thing to play golf is to be federated and indispensable to play golf championships. In Beginners of golf, we explain what advantages it has to federate, were to unite, what cost it has and what it serves.

Improving golf is synonymous with practice, and in golf beginners, we show you how to teach, how long to teach, how long to practice what you have learned on your own.

Any questions you may have; we will try to solve them from this section. You simply have to send an email to our email, and we will try to help you solve your doubt.

The game of golf clubs: choose the ideal tool

Selecting the set of golf clubs is very difficult if we do not know the different characteristics of the golf club. To know if the game of sticks in front of us is adapted to our needs, we must value its various attributes.

Most players, when we think about changing our game of golf clubs, we think about the latest model released by our favorite brand. We compare it to the one that we have been recommended, and we go to the Internet and look for the latest news on the market. With all these data we create our table of possible Golf Club Games. Now begins the difficult task of searching for our ideal set of clubs. Do you sound?

Some of us rule them out because they’re specified for low handicap players and it’s usually not our case. Others are discarded because we have seen them on the golf course and do not like them aesthetically. Others we have tried because our friend let us hit with his brand-new set of sticks and we were not able to straighten out any blows. It might also give us the impression that we did not reach the distance we understood we had to enter.

This way, we gradually eliminate different sets of sticks until the search is reduced to what we think will be our new set of rods. Then we head to the golf shop convinced to order them. Am I wrong?

Golf Classes

If you need to improve your golf game, want a class on the course, want to update your strategies, learn efficient exercises or just start playing golf, we are in contact with the best golf teachers in the region. Classes may be individual or collective.

  • For all levels
  • For all ages
  • Individual and collective
  • Only the best teachers

Golf courses

Golf courses are perfect for beginners or intermediate players. You can start with friends or family, which is much more fun. The duration of a session is ten classes of 55 min each level, which are divided up to 4 months’ duration.