Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Green Hill Golf Course blog website where you’ll find more than just news about the most popular Moberly golf course – the Green Hills. Of course, here we have the amazing Green Hills country club that will give you the truest feeling of the Green Hill Golf Course’s atmosphere, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our golf blog covers much more than that – including golf news, golf basics and the top golf events that deserve your attention. We also didn’t forget our golf fans who like to put some money on golf matches. For them, we got a special offer from Microgaming casinos that will 200% match their deposit up to $1000 extra money which they can use for betting on golf matches or playing casino games.

The Green Hill Golf Course golf blog page will also be your guide through the whole golf experience, and we’ll surely help you get on your feet in no time. So, regardless of who you are – an experienced golfer or a beginner golf enthusiast, our golf blog will offer something helpful for you.

So, stay with us and enjoy your ride through the Green Hill Golf Course golf blog.

Beginners Tips if You Want to Start Golf Classes

Do you want to start a golf course as a beginner? If so, our golf blog has a few tips to give. Here are some of the things that you should have in mind before paying for your first golf course:

First of all – we’d suggest picking a nice place to start going to. Every golf course is different and they have different professionals preparing the golf beginners. However, you should set up a criteria of what your golf course should include in order to avoid spending your money and ending up disappointed with the service you get. It’s the same with gaming sites, we do not want you to waste your time and money in vain. We say the same thing again and again, if you want to make correct choices when it comes to gaming, go to the TopSportsRumors site. If you want the best in golf, stick with us.

Second of all, we’d suggest following the golf news and watching golf matches. You can follow the golf news on any golf blog website or any sports website for that manner. And you can watch golf matches by being in the audience. Nevertheless, the pictures and videos from golf blogs and the real-life experience with golf will help you get a clearer picture of how golf looks, what the rules are and how you should look when you are playing it.

Third of all, get the proper equipment. We aren’t saying that you should spend a fortune on buying your hat or shoes, but if you invest in the more important equipment like a putter for example, you’ll help yourself a lot. Besides being responsible with your own money (investment in equipment), with the high-quality equipment you are more likely to perform better.

Last but not least, don’t forget to be very patient. No skill or sport can be learnt overnight, and it’s the same situation with golf too. It takes time to learn how to properly hit and aim the ball, and it also takes time to learn the stance. So, be careful through your golf course, but also be patient, as you’ll learn from your mistakes.

Learn the Basic Rules of Golf

In order to get in the world of golf, you need to take a course on the basic rules of golf. The rules are basically available on any golf blog and golf website, but you need to find yourself a rational source of information.

For instance, many golf blogs will teach you the boring really basic rules, but with each rule comes a trick or a tip on how to do it throughout the game, which is why, in most cases, the best way to learn golf rules and how to play it is not through golf blogs and websites, but through real-life experience.

What Is the Biggest Tournament in Golf?

If you’ve ever read golf blog news or sports news in general, you’d know that golf became very popular, especially in the past two decades with the amazing skills of Tiger Woods and many other golf players. This basically means that there are a lot of golf tournaments that attract the attention of everybody, including those who aren’t sports fans.

However, even if there are championships like the Ryker Cup or the PGA tournaments – it seems that no tournament can achieve the enormous popularity of The Masters Tournament.

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Who Is the World’s Best Golf Player?

There are many famous names within golf as a sport, and many of these names take up the headlines of sports news. We have names like Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka, Jack Nicklaus and Rory Mcllroy. However, there is one name that always stands out of the crowd because he is the best that the world knows of. Of course, we are talking about Tiger Woods. He has amazing wins in his golfing history and amazing skills, which is why all golfers look up to him.